TPE Command Line Parameters – as of 5/10/2011

Did you know you can set your export file, transaction type, delimiter and other settings when starting the exporter? Here are some tips for taken advantage of "hidden" features in the product: (simply edit the shortcut that starts TxnPro and add the following "switches")


To add command line switches, make a copy of the program shortcut and add the custom switches you need in the "target" property of the shortcut


Example: This sets the export file, export file type and transaction type in the command line.


1. Right click on the Windows START button on the lower left of your desktop and left click OPEN

2. Double click Programs folder. Double Click the 01 Transaction Pro Exporter 3.0 (or 2.0) folder.

3. You will see a shortcut named “Transaction Pro Exporter 3.0 (or 2.0)”. Make a copy of this folder by clicking Edit/Copy then Edit/Paste.

4. Bring up the properties for this new program shortcut (right click on the shortcut and choose properties)

5. Edit the target from this:


Note: if using version 2.0 substitute 2.0 for 3.0 below

"C:\Program Files\01 Transaction Pro Exporter 3.0\Transaction Pro Exporter 3.0.exe"


to this:


"C:\Program Files\01 Transaction Pro Exporter 3.0\

Transaction Pro Exporter 3.0.exe” -FILENAME=C:\My Text File.xls -EXPORTFORMAT=EXCEL –TXN=Check




To set the file name:

e.g. -FILENAME=C:\My Text File.xls


To Set the export format use one of the three values (COMMA, TAB, EXCEL)



To Set the transaction type use one of the values from the list

e.g. –TXN=Check


So for the above example your target would be:

"C:\Program Files\01 Transaction Pro Exporter 3.0\

Transaction Pro Exporter 3.0.exe” -FILENAME=C:\My Text File.xls -EXPORTFORMAT=EXCEL –TXN=Check


Example of using the -AUTORUN parameter in the target shortcut:




This outputs selected fields for the invoice transaction type, setting the filter to Ref No and the range from 900 to 999. It sets the export format to be Excel and outputs the file to c drive. It disables opening Excel after exporting the file.


Command Line


Version 1.0

Version 2.0

Version 3.0


Starts and runs TPI and automatically clicks through all buttons. Interface still loads and shows each step in the wizard. Be sure you have a valid import before enabling this.



Same as above only retrieve transactions with selected fields




To set export file format

-FILENAME=c:\my dir\my file.txt


To set export file name


To set filter by as Ref Number or date ranges


Pulls both active and inactive for Customer List, Vendor List and Account List




Show Currency and Exchange Rate fields for CA 2007 and UK 2005/2006 using multi-currency




To not open Excel after exporting data


Removes embedded carriage returns within fields and replaces them with a single space. Useful when exporting to text format as removes line breaks.




Retrieve only unpaid Invoices or Bills


Retrieve only paid Invoices or Bills

-RANGEFROM=3000 or

To set range from in either ref number or date)

-RANGETO=6000 or


To set range to in either ref number or date)


Include customer email address on sales transactions



Expands out line items with group items



Enables template field for invoice, sales order, sales receipt, purchase order and estimate.




To check box to suppress line items


To specify the transaction type – Invoice, Bill, etc